Project Description

We met one of our readers.

After hearing her property story and her journey, we felt that she is quite savvy and seasoned in selling and buying into property over the years.

She wanted to meet to discuss a strategy for her HDB flat, curious about our opinions on outcomes in a few years time.

We did some research on the spot for her on the latest transacted prices, including exclusive information before it would be presented on HDB’s website.

Lucky for her, we found out in the nick of time she is actually running into negative sales, even if she could sell $100k above market price.

Can’t imagine if she continue staying on for another 5 years

We were puzzled as to why she ran into such a situation.

After clarifying, we identified the cause of the problem.

She took up a shorter loan tenure and used a big sum of CPF money to reduce the mortgage loan.

“Why didn’t your property agent advise you accordingly?” – we asked.

“Nope. We didn’t engage any property agent to assist us. We did it ourselves (D.I.Y)” She replied.

The other issue was she bought the current resale HDB with a high price.

At the same time, she also shortened the loan tenure, thinking to pay off the mortgage within the shortest period of time by using most of the CPF money.

Better late than never, we still proposed a work around strategy to salvage their current situation.

It is definitely not a straightforward case, but with careful planning to craft this strategy…together we can make it work.

We developed a step-by-step strategy for her to visualise our planning. She felt comfortable and gave us the greenlight to proceed on the plan.

Glad to be of help to remedy such a sticky situation. A great case of opportunity and openness for our assistance.

Best way to return the favor to viewers who support us.