Project Description

How many times do you want to make money from your property as time passes?
Once? Twice? Or 3 times?
Many homeowners will say this:
“If I sell, I can’t buy back again!”
Fully agree.
Design your journey and not let it run by default…
Default settings can kill you financially
No panic selling now. Why?
Since cooling meaures has been in place since 2011.
Owners are having stronger holding power as compared to the last crisis years ago.
Recently, we met this couple.
He shared with us about their plans – to sell their HDB and buy a landed house.
We felt so happy for them as it is a great move to upgrade their lifestyle….
After learning much in-depth about their financials – we do some calculations checks…
We realised that they could be facing a negative sales for their existing flat.
They have fully paid their HDB flat by using CPF money more than 18 years ago!
They are not aware of how compounding CPF accrued interest works.
Thinking once it is fully paid, they are debt free.
But the truth is – the accrued interest will ACCELERATE EXPONENTIALLY once full payment has been made using CPF monies.
The compounding accrued interest had accumulated more than their current flat value.
They were shocked, puzzled and unhappy 😡
This is a reality that many HDB homeowners are unable to accept.
And it is sad they only discover it when they are only planning to sell.
Of course, you still have options –
🏢 Continue to stay put if really there is nothing you can do about it
🚨cut loss, bear the pain and sell. Then buy another property that can prevent history from repeating itself – if you can afford
After reading this…
Yes, you may be thinking – see these agents doing sales talk again.
No. This is not the case.
We can help to analyse for you, but ultimately it is your decision to go ahead or not.
We can’t force you.
This is the reality. This CPF accrued interest regulation has been in place for many years.
The painful reality is that you have not been aware of it.
We are here to share and render help.
We write in great detail about this in a blog post.
Link below: