Hi. I’m Jessica Sim.

I been doing real estate for the past 8 years.

I used to be a Traffic Police officer who used to patrol roads and expressways. I didn’t always issue summons but I’ve always kept motorists safe. Haha.

I’m also a wife and a mother with 2 teenagers.

Making the transition from a total newbie to a property consultant was a big learning curve but I am grateful that I perservered.

Handling many different property transactions helped to build up my own confidence.

Practising what I preach – I am happy to say I bought my first investment property about 3 years ago.

For my perspective regarding the Singapore property market – I recommend you check out my articles below.

Together with Darren, we strive to serve our clients by helping them fully understand the financial significance of their Singapore properties.

Be it public or private housing – there are certain concepts all homeowners must grasp in order to secure their own financial future.